About Us
Who are we?

Time is often the biggest factor to the success of a business.  Owners and directors like you, need the space to work out what is actually required to ensure your company is a success.  That is where Indigo Strategic fit in. Whilst tasks such as payroll and HR are absolutely essential, the time you will spend administering it, keeping up to date with legislation and dealing with any fallout when it goes wrong, will be significant as your business grows.  We want to change that for you.

Indigo Strategic offer a range of strategic outsourcing solutions, specifically designed to give your businesses the capacity you require to flourish.  With a flexible array of packages, we have options geared for all sizes of businesses.   We will tailor our approach to your exact requirements. We believe that time is an invaluable resource to businesses and we are passionate about maximising this resource for you.  Whilst Indigo Strategic is a relatively new operation within the outsourcing sector, our directors have been providing HR, payroll and financial services solutions for decades.

Who are we?

Indigo Strategic offer a range of payroll and HR solutions specifically designed to help businesses free up their time and focus on the strategic elements which allow them to flourish. A flexible array of packages is available, with options geared for all sizes of businesses therefore allowing us to accurately and effectively meet your exact requirements. We are a relatively new operation within the outsourcing sector but are underpinned by a huge array of payroll and HR professional experience. We believe that time is an invaluable resource to businesses and maximising this resource for you via the outsourcing of day to day functions is our goal.

Why are we different?

Developing strong relationships with our customers is absolutely fundamental.  In order for us to be an integral part of your business, we need to understand you, your business, your structure and your staff.  We will take the time to get a full appreciation of your needs, so that we can give you the best service possible, from a HR and payroll perspective.

Strategic partnerships are what we aim to forge, providing all the tools you need to succeed.  As your business grows and your needs change, we will adapt the service to ensure it continues to add value to you over the long term.

We fully understand the significance our outsourced payroll and HR solutions will have for your business. We are able to give you unrivalled attention to detail and customer service standards, which really set us apart from the crowd.

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