Essential Payroll & HR

Cut out the hassle of payroll and HR administration, with our Essential Package. Even with only a small number of employees, it can be extremely difficult to keep up-to-date with the paperwork, compliance, and other burdens placed on businesses today.

Project forward.  Think about where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

  • Does that vision involve you having to input payroll information, verify NI numbers for new staff, draft employment contracts or deal with holiday requests?
  • At what point can you afford to employ someone to do this on your behalf?

It doesn’t need to be this way.  At Indigo Strategic, we simply want to make life easier for you. We will help lighten the payroll and HR load, so you can dedicate yourself to achieving your vision for your company.

  • Are you worried about getting staff paid on time with the right deductions?
  • Are you concerned with what payments have been made to HMRC and when?
  • Are you fully compliant with pension auto-enrolment legislation?
  • Do you have the right employment contracts in place for your staff?
  • Does your employee handbook reflect the requirements of your business?
  • Who do you turn to when you have a HR issue that you are unsure about?
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Scalable solutions, growing with your business

Things we can do for you

Operating a payroll for a small business is often manageable, but think of how else your time could be better spent.  If someone can take that inconvenience away, as well as give you HR support and help ensure you are compliant, all for an extremely low fixed price, surely that makes sense?  Our Essential Payroll & HR Package is designed with your business needs in mind.

As your business grows, you’re probably going to take on more staff.

We will process all new starters on your behalf, verifying their NI number and getting them ready to be paid.

You know who’s worked, who needs to be paid and who’s due a bonus.

We will administer the pay run, ensure compliance with NMW legislation, administer expenses, and send you a preview of the payroll to authorise.

You don’t need to know what to send to whom. We have the knowledge.

We will finalise and process the payroll, send RTI submissions, upload pension contributions and do any additional payroll related admin.

When you have a payroll query, who do you turn to now?

Contact us any time to discuss any aspect of your payroll.  Our team of highly experienced payroll professionals are happy to help.

Lots of businesses look for HR advice when it is too late.

You will be entitled to 1 hour of HR advice, per employee per year.  You can use it for any purpose. We have qualified HR advisors ready to help.

How compliant are your contracts, policies and employee handbooks?

We will provide you with template employment contracts and a template employee handbook. You can get compliant quickly and easily.

If you could spend time focusing on your business instead of doing all of this administration, what would that mean for your company’s success? Our Essential Package is available for only:

Weekly Payroll


Per employee / per week

Monthly Payroll


Per employee / per month

Pay Annually and get 1 month FREE!

Minimum monthly cost of £50.00 applies & additional one off set up cost of £5.00 per employee.

The value this package gives you, is significantly greater than the cost.  Contact us today for more information.