Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll FAQs

No, you can move at any point in the year.  We will need some additional information such as previously recovered statutory payments, but we will guide you through it step-by-step.

The duration varies, depending on the size of the payroll, the pay frequency, availability of information and other factors too.  Generally speaking, you should allow 2-3 weeks.  We would rather spend time getting it right, than rushing to get it in quickly. If you have a deadline however, we will happily work towards that.

We will provide the new employee with a P46 to complete instead.

We can pay to most pension providers, including NEST, AVIVA, The People’s Pension and more.  Let us know which provider you want to use and if we aren’t already set up to work with them, we will contact them to see whether we can adapt our service.

We are able to correct and resubmit, if errors have been made.  Depending on your package, there may be a charge for this.

Depending on your package, we will either send payslips via secure email or make them available to download via our employee portal.


Absolutely not. With HR outsourcing, they remain your employees throughout. Indigo Strategic will simply provide HR support to you.

PEO is extremely popular in the US but due to UK employment law, can be more complex here. It is not something we offer off the shelf, but we can help facilitate if you wish to go down this route.

It is a legal requirement to give all employees a written statement of particulars of employment.  Having a staff handbook isn’t a legal requirement in itself, but it gives you an opportunity to set out in detail what you expect from your staff.

It is a means of passing on to employees, important information about your organisation and how it works on a day-to-day basis. It is also a handy place to keep forms for sickness self-certification, requesting holidays, claiming expenses and so on.

You will be in complete control.  Holidays requests will come to you for authorisation.  Once authorised, we will look after the administration of the holidays as well as absence reporting.

Providing you are on an unlimited support package, they should call us on 0800 248 976.
If you have not elected for an unlimited support package, only authorised individuals will be able to contact us for support.

General FAQs

We work with companies of all sizes and industries.  We have tailored our solutions to meet the requirements of all businesses, at all stages of their lifecycle.

Docusign provide the leading electronic signature solution in the marketplace.  Lots of businesses, including Indigo Strategic, use it to obtain signatures on proposals, contracts and other legally binding documentation.

Please see the Docusign website for more information on the legalities:


Indigo do not directly handle any funds. Regarding the transferring of any payments, a bacs file will be sent to your business which will then need to be submitted to your bank. The funds will then be handled directly by the bank.