Optimum Payroll & HR

As your business hires more employees, the payroll and HR challenges increase significantly.

You must start evaluating your situation and asking yourself some fundamental questions:

  • How am I going to continue to deal with ever more complex HR issues, as my company grows?
  • Do I have the time to understand the changing legislative landscape in the world of HR and payroll?
  • What are the potential repercussions if I get it wrong?
  • How much will a full time HR and payroll administrator cost me?

This is where Indigo Strategic comes in. We can help your business to manage your entire payroll and HR more efficiently, and ensure you are up-to-date and compliant with legislation.

We will support your growing business, so you can dedicate yourself to achieving your vision for your company.

  • Is administering your payroll becoming increasingly complex?
  • Do you find communicating with HMRC long-winded and unnecessary?
  • Do you have a secure way to distribute payslips, that complies with GDPR?
  • How much of your time will be spent onboarding new members of staff?
  • Do you find dealing with pension
    auto-enrolment onerous?
  • How much of your time is spent answering pay/HR questions?
  • How do you know whether your HR documentation is fit for purpose?
  • How do you handle day-to-day tasks like holidays, sickness or pregnancy?
  • How can you make sure that you retain the best, long-term?
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Removing constraints that can hinder your growth

Things we can do for you

HR and payroll can be extremely complicated, and you might occasionally have questions.  From phone support for help with management issues and questions about legislation, to access to a dedicated HR professional who will help you create a plan to improve recruitment, management or retention. When you work with Indigo Strategic and use our Optimum Payroll & HR Package, you’ll have professional support, scalable to meet your needs.

As your business grows, so will the admin burden for new starters.

We will check ID/right to work documents, source references, employment certificates and verify national insurance numbers.

Creating new employment contracts and sending them out can be a pain.

We will draft new employment contracts for you to sign, send them out, with any relevant information and ensure they are returned.

Often, employee handbook are either out of date, or simply don’t exist.

We will ensure your handbook is a true reflection of the culture and policies of your business. We will create and update it in conjunction with you.

HMRC send all sorts of letters, which takes up lots of your valuable time.

We will act as your HMRC PAYE agent receiving and responding to official correspondence. We will ensure that it doesn’t impact on your workload.

You know who’s worked, who needs to be paid and who’s due a bonus.

We will administer the pay run, ensure compliance with NMW legislation, administer expenses, and send you a preview of the payroll to authorise.

You don’t need to know what to send to whom. We have the knowledge.

We will finalise and process the payroll, send RTI submissions, upload pension contributions and do any additional payroll related admin.

The correspondence you get about pensions can often be overwhelming.

We will act as your Pension Regulator Agent.  This means that we will receive official correspondence directly and can answer it on your behalf.

There is so much admin involved in pensions now. Why do it yourself?

We will assess the workforce every pay period, process opt-outs and opt-ins and undertaking any ongoing employee pension communications.

When you get a question about pensions now, who do you turn to?

Our team will handle all queries from employees, your pension provider or the pension regulator.  We will ensure that you remain compliant at all times.

How do you know whether your HR documentation is fit for purpose?

Our annual HR audit will ensure that your contracts, policies and other documents are up-to-date and compliant with current legislation.

How do you handle day-to-day tasks like holidays, sickness or pregnancy?

We can handle all general HR admin tasks like holiday administration, absence reporting, and maternity, paternity and adoption management.

Staff are going to leave you at some point. How can you retain the best?

We will help negotiate counter-offers, conduct exit interviews and if necessary, undertake leaver administration on your behalf.

When you have a payroll query, who do you turn to now?

You will have a dedicated payroll contact, with an in-depth knowledge who understands your business and your payroll requirements.

Lots of businesses look for HR advice when it is too late.

Both you and your staff will enjoy unlimited HR support over the phone. We can help with all manner of HR query. Our experts are here to help.

Printing payslips is a waste of trees, but email isn’t secure.

You and your staff will have access to our online portal.  You can view payslips, request holidays and view relevant docs, saving everyone time.

Your business is already growing. We’re here to ensure that carries on. You need the time to focus on your business’s success instead of doing administration. Our Optimum Package is available for only:

Weekly Payroll


Per employee / Per week

Monthly Payroll


Per employee / Per month

Pay Annually and get 1 month FREE!

Minimum monthly cost of £125.00 applies & additional one off set up cost of £5.00 per employee.

Employing someone to do the same tasks would cost you significantly more than this. Contact us today for more information.